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Senol’s Place Village Breakfast

Şenol’s Yeri (Şenol’s Place) Village Breakfast At the exit of Didim’s Akköy village, it offers you and your loved ones delicious food.

You can also taste natural delicacies such as fresh pancakes, homemade jams, grape molasses, dried tomatoes, peppers, homemade pickles and tarhana (traditional Turkish Soup) in this family-run establishment next to the historical fountain.

Village breakfast

herbs and spicy pancake (Turkish Gözleme)

plain roasting

Egg with sausage

home made jams

pişi (traditional fried salty pastry)

honey cream

toasted country bread

and fresh tea and other drinks

Şenol’s Place is not only open for the Summer Season; It is also open during the winter months.

On the way from Akköy village to Söke, before reaching Akyeniköy, it is a family business, a friendly and warm atmosphere, almost everything is homemade.

Again, as in other places, the menu consisting of 20 kinds of breakfast is freshly and warmly on your table. They also have indoor areas during the winter and the stove is lit during the winter.

Their olives and olive oil, which they carefully produce from their own olive groves, olives are wonderful in various types, strawberry juice makes a difference in the season, pancakes and fried potatoes are served as a treat for breakfast.
Village breakfast under the fig trees
There is also a playground for children.
Package service is provided to the surrounding area.

How to get there:
If you choose to take the first turn to the right, Akyeniköy and then Akköy, while going to Didim with your private car, you will see Şenolun Yeri, our natural village breakfast place, after Akyeniköy, before you reach Akköy.

For detailed information and reservation please call:
Mr. Şenol DUMAN: 0 535 612 5638

Şenolun Yeri Akköy Didim

Şenolun Yeri Akköy Didim

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