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Food & Drink

Fisherman Mr. Tuğrul Demirci Sea food

Fisherman Mr. Tuğrul Demirci is at your service with a variety of daily fresh fish and seafood at the entrance of Didim Fishermen’s Bazaar, opposite the New Mosque in Didim center.

If you wish, we have our own place where you can have the fish you have chosen cleaned and cooked right there, barbecued or fried over charcoal so that you can enjoy it.

If you wish, you can have your cooked fish packaged it at home.

“It’s not our side job; “our only job”
It is at the service of fish lovers and customers who want to eat fresh daily fish in the center of Didim with its rich variety of seafood.
Do not miss fish on your table during your holiday in Didim, fish is health.

Fisherman Tuğrul in the center of Didim
While it offers you daily fresh fish and seafood, it also provides cooking services for customers who wish.

While guests coming from Altınkum and the surrounding area can easily reach it by city minibuses, there is also a parking area where those coming with their private vehicles can easily park their vehicles.

Come and get fish service

We will clean it, we will cook it according to your taste, come and enjoy it.

  • Person Tuğrul Demirci
  • Address Yeni Mah., Selanik Cad., No:57, Didim, Aydın, Türkiye