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Food & Drink

ALO 24 Didim

Alo24 offers tasty, delicious dishes to you during your stay in Didim. ALO 24 restaurant pide kebab soup and grilled varieties as well as breakfast and dessert varieties are at your service 7/24
Alo 24 Takeaway service available. We serve food to almost every part of Didim.

Our telephone numbers:
0 256 813 23 01
0 256 813 84 84

The prices in the menus in the photo gallery on this page are up-to-date.

Alo 24 restaurant soup pita döner kebab pizza
We are the pearl of Aegean with our package delivery service to your homes and workplaces in Didim with its constantly renewing service concept

Alo 24 Restaurant is a place on the road where you can go with your family and friends any time of the day.

Every time you go to Alo 24, you will encounter a chain of ALO24 restaurants spread throughout the Aegean Region during your holiday. With its friendly staff who try to provide the best service with delicious food, pitas, soups, kebabs and vegetables with meat.

Pita, Pizza, Kebab, Soup, Doner Kinds

Soups, ezogelin(lentil), lentil, chicken, tomato, mixed

grilled meatballs, mixed grill, tenderloin, chops, meat on skewers, chicken skewers, chicken wing,

meatballs, cheddar meatballs, beef,

doner: rice, simple doner, bread doner, alexander doner

salads: shepherd salad, seasonal salad, tzatziki, yogurt, cheese salad, potato chips,

desserts: kemalpaşa, baked rice pudding, künefe with cheese, künefe with cream, fig dessert, efeler dessert, green walnut dessert, burma dessert, pumpkin dessert with walnuts
address: Didim Altinkum Road, Ataturk Bulvari No: 146 We are opposite CarrefourSA.

  • Person Osman Bey
  • Address Atatürk Bulvarı CarrefourSA karşısı Didim