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Zeytinseli Olive Farming Olive oil Cold Press

Zeytinseli Olive Farming Whatsapp Order Line +90 536 494 43 23
You can order online from our website https://www.zeytinseli.com/

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik stepped into olive cultivation by purchasing a 400-decare olive garden in Didim area in 2007.

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik, which does not compromise on quality in its products and always strives to move the sector forward, offers a wide range of products consisting of organic olives, olive oil, olive oil soap, olive leaves, dried fig jam, mountain thyme, natural skin care products and St. John’s wort oil, in the South Aegean region. It brings the naturalness, sun and taste of ‘s to your table.

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik produces and packages boutique olives and olive oil in its factory with a 1000 m2 closed area in Didim, the pearl of the Southern Aegean, the home of Apollo, Thales and Artemis.

The Zeytinselli family, which set out to add value to olives and represent Turkey in the best way in terms of olive oil, grows Domat, Memecik, Ayvalık, Manzalina, Kalamata and Gemlik type of olives in its 400 decare gardens.
Zeytinseli Zeytincilik, which grows olives organically on 150 decares and with good agricultural practices on 250 decares, managed to enter the Flos Olei catalog held in Italy in 2016, 2017 and 2020 and has repeatedly received awards from both National and International Olive Oil Quality Competitions. In the 6 years since the trees started producing, they have won 13 national and 7 international awards.

Zeytinseli family, which attaches great importance to organic olive cultivation, and Zeytinseli, who consider organic olive cultivation as a debt to olive trees, flavor their pickled olives only with rock salt.

They planted all their trees themselves and do not use chemicals in the care of their trees.
By cold-pressing its olives and pressing them in a single variety, it preserves both the characteristic features of the olives and the nutritional values ​​of the olive oil.

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik Didim Zeytinyağ zeytin

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik Didim Zeytinyağ zeytin

Zeytinseli Olive Growing Product Types

Green olive
Black olive
Crushed Olives
Natural Olive
Organic Olives
Pickled Olives
Organic Green Olives
Organic Black Olives
Early Harvest Olive Oil
Olive Oil for Babies
Mature Harvest Olive Oil
Natural First Olive Oil
Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Fig Jam with Dried Walnuts
Organic Olive Oil
Olive Oil Soap
Award Winning Olive Oil
Natural Skin Care
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive leaf
St. John’s Wort oil
Olive oil 5 liters
Sage Oil
Lavender oil
Gift Card
Thyme Oil
Contact ​Phone:
+90 536 494 43 23
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Zeytinseli Zeytincilik Didim Zeytinyağ zeytin

Zeytinseli Zeytincilik Didim Zeytinyağ zeytin

  • Person Furkan İşlek
  • Address Zeytinseli Zeytincilik Hayvancılık Gıda Tarım İnşaat Turizm İthalat ve İhracat Limited Şirketi

    Akköy Mah. Kamara Sok. No:25 Didim/AYDIN