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Didim Ertürk Torna custom-made boat and cargo trailers

Hersey için Römork, Römork için hersey

Römorkcu Didim Ertürk Torna custom-made boat and cargo trailers are at your service since 2013

Custom manufacturing
We manufacture special trailers according to your needs

Type Approved
T.R. In accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

All of our products are under the guarantee of our company.

4m empty caravan with O1 certificate
01 certified trailer
9.5 meters 3500 kg double axle boat transport
motorcycle trailer
Multipurpose trailer for transporting jetski-bot-atv-utv
tiny house chassis manufacturing
tiny house trailer manufacturing
double jetski trailer
01 certified 6 meter torsion axle trailer
trailer couplings
boat trailer with imported accessories

  • Person Murat Ertürk
  • Address Cumhuriyet, 1092. Sk. No:5, 09295 Didim/Aydın