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Didim Agricultural

Didim Zirai İlaç İle Teknolojik Gelişime Ayak Uydurun

Didim Agricultural Plant care products agriculture equipment irrigation machinery garden Pest control, Agricultural Spraying materials, Landscaping, Lawn Planting and Environmental Health Services.
The founder and owner of the company, Agricultural Engineer Mr.Altan Çelik Didim Zirai İlaç İnş.Taah.San.Tic.Ltd. Company started to serve 16 yrs ago.
With 16 years of experience, the company continues to serve in Didim, Akbük, Söke, Kuşadası Bodrum, Aydın and its surroundings.
Our services:
– Pest Control
– Fly Spraying
– Agricultural spraying
– Landscape Design
– Lawn Planting
– Environmental Health Services

Didim Zirai By serving you in the best and most reliable way, to offer products that will make you comfortable in your social life areas, to provide you with the most effective solutions by providing consultancy services in order to get the best efficiency within the production framework, and to change your perspective in visual areas in a natural and green environment. It aims to provide landscaping and maintenance services that will make you feel more comfortable and play an important role in your mental and physical health.

In addition, it provides services with its expert staff on occupational safety, occupational health and personal protective equipment and materials.
Didim Zirai, together with its expert staff and technical service, continues to provide you with services to conclude the solutions of your problems in the most effective and fastest way, with its experience from the past.
– Plant protection products
– Hoeing machines -for small or large areas-
– Electric Hedge mower
– Wire Edge Trimmer Electric
– Electric Lawnmower
– Gardena Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™
– Irrigation Systems
– Portable Irrigation Systems,
– Drip irrigation systems apparatus

Phone:+90 256 811 2542
Mobile:+90 530 746 5650

Didim Zirai İlaç Bitki Koruma

Didim Zirai İlaç Bitki Koruma

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  • Person Altan Çelik
  • Address Yeni Mahalle, Cumhuriyet Cd. 112/6, 09270 Didim/Aydın