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Deniz Pool Technical Service

Deniz Pool Technical Service Provides service in Didim swimming pool sector.

In addition to chemicals and equipment, our company also carries out pool maintenance works in the swimming pool sector. We provide technical and cleaning services to our customers.

Pool maintenance service: It consists of measuring the pool water, sweeping the bottom of the pool, back-washing, adding chemicals to the pool after rinsing and checking the engine room.

Finally, the maintenance job is terminated with Reporting.

– in-pool coating joint, ceramic, btb
– mechanical pvc installation (filter, valve, pipe, check valve, adhesive)
– disinfection systems (dosing, ozone, salt, uv generators, automatic chemical pumps)
– filter circulation pump (repair maintenance spare parts fan felt winding bearing)
– water leakage isolation, testing, repair
– Electrical installation control panel, automation control unit, fuse systems, manufacturing, repair and similar services on behalf of the above-mentioned service areas, our company meticulously carries out.

Our company, which provides seasonal and annual pool maintenance, offers quality service to its customers at economical prices.

You can contact us to deliver the maintenance of your pool to the technical staff.
contact phone: Mr. Devrim Deniz 0 535 406 71 80

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