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Duplex Villa for Sale in Didim

pazarlık var 7,900,000₺ fırsat

Duplex Villa for Sale in Didim 3+1 in a Site with Pool

Duplex villa is the upper corner building of the complex with pool and is located away from the highway noise and surrounded by nature.
The site is located 50 meters from the sea, next to the Didim Söke Highway.
Our villa has 3+1 kitchen and living room downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs.
Each room has a separate balcony. The balconies are large and there are also ones with sea views.
There is a bathroom/WC on the ground floor and upstairs.
There is a 200m² Olympic swimming pool in the middle of the site.
There is a beach with a sandy beach across the road.
Duplex Villa has an area of ​​60m² inside and 150m² outside.
The olive groves on three sides, which act as natural air conditioning on hot summer days, and the sea breeze at the bottom offer a peaceful environment where you can stay all year round.
On the minibus route, there are shops close by, restaurant across the road.

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