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Fisherman Fedai’s Fish Restaurant

Fisherman Fedai’s Place, originally a fisherman’s place, where you can find fresh fish daily, is also the place that cooks the fish of your choice in Didim.
A roadside flavor stop in Didim, where you can cook and eat the fish you choose with your family.
To order the Fedai’s Fish Restaurant, call and let it be cooked, mobile phone:+905444242271

Fedai’s Fish Cooker

According to your wishes, orders for 2 people, 3 people, 4 people and 5 people are available.
The place where you can eat fish.
You can make a reservation of what time of the day.
Fresh Daily Fish is available at the Fedai’s Fishery.
A place where you can eat fresh, daily fish with an affordable family budget.
According to your sizing requests, pan frying or grill, meze dishes and salad with pomegranate syrup and olive oil. Take it as a package when you leave or eat there.

Where is the Fedai’s Fish Cooker?
On the Didim – Söke Road, as soon as you enter the Didim Tarhan Hotel turn, the place is the place where you can eat barbecued sea bass, sargoz fish, swordfish, lidaki fish, mullet, yellow mullet, rock bass, all sea fish. If you wish, we can fry the variety of fish and or charcoal grill.
It is a small, clean, quiet family business.


  • İlgili Kişi Fedai
  • Adres Mersindere, 3669. Sk. 3/A, 09270 Yalıköy Köyü/Didim/Aydın
    0544 421 8020