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Medusa House Boutique Hotel

Medusa House Boutique Hotel is located in Didim Hisar district opposite to Apollo temple and offers 10 rooms + 2 apartments, stone garden and summer and winter accommodation for those who want to spend holiday in Didim with a friendly atmosphere that smells history and culture.

Situated on the edge of the 2000-year-old Apollo temple, the Medusa House Boutique Hotel is an old Greek house restored and catered for.


– by our Poseidon motorboat we visit beaches and coves of Didim by sea.

– Fishing tours

– Culture and nature walks

– Walking on the holy road to Miletos from Didim

– Tour of the ruins

  • İlgili Kişi Mustafa Şentürk
  • Adres Hisar Mahallesi No : 246 - Atatürk Bulvarı, Apollon Tapınağı Yanı, Didim - Aydın - Türkiye
    0 (256) 811 0063 - Mobil : 0 (536) 767 6734